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  • Members are required to pay an annual fee of P 300.00
  • Members are required to personally fill up an application form and have their picture taken which likewise will be used as his/her avatar in the website.
  • Members must be referred and be personally known by at least one officer of
  • Members are required to personally appear in an initial eyeball/get-together so as to be introduced to other members.


  • Members are expected to observe respect to other members, in both the forums and the chat room.
  • Members are prohibited from posting words in the forums and chat rooms, that are derogatory and defamatory to any person/persons or an entity that is personal in nature and not associated with the proper topic of horse racing in general. (no hitting below the belt)
  • Members are to give due courtesy in general at all times within the site. (pls restrain yourself)
  • Members are strictly prohibited to post anything against Manila Horse Power Organization.


  • Members are expected to act accordingly when being identified with the organization whether during official or unofficial affairs. (in other words, BEHAVE!)
  • Members are strictly prohibited from using the name and logo of the organization for personal or financial gain, unless sanctioned by a letter of approval signed and approved by both the president and chairman of the organization. LEGAL MEASURES SHALL BE USED TO DEAL WITH ANY MEMBER WHO VIOLATES THIS RULE.
  • Manila Horse Power Organization reserves and holds the rights to its name and logo.


  • With the exception of Rule 3 article 2 & 3, any member who is caught in the act, observed, seen or is witnessed violating the above stated rules and regulations, will be automatically suspended pending its case to be brought upon to the board of directors and officers, and shall thus be deliberated on, upon which, a decision shall be accorded the corresponding penalty.
  • Appeals for reconsideration may be accepted within three (3) calendar days, provided one of the members of the board and core of officers of the organization sponsors the appeal. Otherwise, decision of the board is final.
  • Dis-accreditation, revocation of membership and banishment from the organization shall be given as the severest penalty on offenses that are deemed by the board and its officers as detriment to the code of ethics of Manila Horse Power Organization.
  • Violation of Rule 3 article 2 & 3, as stated above, shall be dealt with legal remedies to uphold the dignity and reputation of Manila Horse Power Organization and for which it stands.
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